IP Location Tracker


Description :

                         It is a sample for Ip location tracker. This app track your IP adress, location, country, pincode etc..., You can put manually that number IP location has been tracked and show from this app. It is legal app. This is a simple app with a splash screen. All images are Non-Copyrighted images.
                 This app is already designed for several purpose. Download this AIA file you can modify with your ability and thinking. The app icon already designs and you can make the number of  tools with this example also can used block and design in other apps to track ip address.
                Watch your family and friends with this IP location tracker app.

Features :

1) Locate your IP address,
2) Just paste IP address track details, Location, pincode etc,.
3) Fully customised AIA,
4) User friendly user interface,
5) Tracked IP address show in Google map,
6) It required low space and high performance,
7) High accuracy.

Phone Info

This App your Phone Information Provided .

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Text 2 Speech

                                                         This App Text Convert into Speech.

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